Joe became Alderman on March 26th, 2010 and since then has utilized his background as a Local School Council member and a businessman to provide pragmatic Community Based Solutions to move the 1st Ward forward.

Joe believes that the 1st Ward is the greatest area of our city, but recognizes that there is always room for improvement and growth. Since his inauguration, Joe has created numerous initiatives and focused on the following areas:


Joe established weekend satellite offices, at a variety of 1st Ward locations, including grocery stores and music festivals.

At these offices constituents are able to place requests for city service, order parking permits and talk to Joe about their neighborhood as they go about their regular weekend activities.

In a further effort to increase access, Joe established Tuesday Ward Night office hours.

Every Tuesday between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. constituents are invited to come to our office and discuss anything, one on one with Joe.


Keeping 1st Ward neighborhoods clean and safe is Joe’s top priority and most important responsibility.

Joe established a self-funded volunteer graffiti removal effort almost immediately after he was inaugurated. Most weekends volunteers paint over graffiti on some of most heavily vandalized areas.

This effort is intended to compliment the stellar work already done by the Graffiti Blasters, who do the best they can with their limited resources.

Most weekends Joe drives the Ward with the 1st Ward Streets and Sanitation Ward Superintendent, inspecting any vacant lots and “problem buildings” that have come to his attention.

Recognizing that such properties, which have often been abandoned by landlords, are a serious detriment to the surrounding community, Joe knows they cannot be tolerated.  In many of these cases a team of volunteers have been dispatched to clean these lots and buildings.

In more serious cases, Joe uses whatever tools available to him to encourage owners to take responsibility for their properties and force them to realize that they, and their buildings, do not exist in a vacuum.


Providing opportunity and education policy is Joe’s passion. His time as a member of Jose de Diego Community Academy Local School Council gave him a unique insight about the problems and issues that face our young people.

To provide access to a quality education, Joe created the 1st Ward Josephinum Scholarship Fund, which has helped some of our most gifted young ladies.

Joe regularly meets with 1st Ward principals and believes that an open and honest dialogue is vital to his never ending effort to strengthen our schools. He regularly visits each school and continues to assist them with fundraising ideas and resources.


Joe supported and facilitated a $15 million loan from the federal government and a $10 million TIF allocation for the Green Exchange project, which will provide hundreds of jobs for 1st Ward residents.

Serving as 1st Ward Alderman is a great honor and privilege and Joe will continue to develop initiatives that will help advance our community.

He continues to work tirelessly work for the interests of 1st Ward constituents and no one else.


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Proco Joe Moreno was inaugurated as the Alderman of Chicago’s 1st Ward on March 26, 2010. Click here to learn more about Alderman Moreno.


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