1st Ward First

1st Ward First (1WF) is the independent Democratic political organization of the 1st Ward and its current Alderman, Proco Joe Moreno.

1WF was created to be an independent political organization and to bring structure and originality to politics in our community.

1WF organizes fundraisers, which benefit Alderman Moreno, the Democrat party in the 1st Ward and local community institutions.

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The Inaugural meeting of the board was held on Saturday June 11, 2011. Currently, the board of the organization is comprised of 10 members:

President, Juan “Johnny” Elias

Vice President, Raymond Valadez

Other board members:

Alderman Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno, Eric Sherman, Joel Stopka, Jay Ramirez, Iris Milan (Treasurer), Jerry Gabrielatos, Orlando Lopez, and Edward Serrano

Precinct Captains

The 1st Ward is divided into 48 electoral precincts, which will each be represented by a Precinct Captain. The 1WF board will have a deciding vote on who represents each precinct and their community.


After candidates (for any office) complete a questionnaire and meet and pass the 1WF Endorsement Committee, the Board of Directors have a binding vote on all endorsements.


Every month 1WF organizes 1st Ward First Thursdays, which is a series of events where 1st Ward residents can meet Alderman Moreno in a social setting at an interesting bar or restaurant.

To contact us, please email 1stwardfirst@gmail.com.


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Meet Your Alderman

Proco Joe Moreno was inaugurated as the Alderman of Chicago’s 1st Ward on March 26, 2010. Click here to learn more about Alderman Moreno.


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Get Involved

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